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  1. Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund
  2. 1.About TREIF
    1. 1.1Preface
    2. 1.2TREIF Structure
      1. 1.2.1Organization chart
      2. 1.2.2Internal Audit
      3. 1.2.3Residential EQ Ins DPTF
      4. 1.2.4Business Department
      5. 1.2.5Administration Department
    3. 1.3Location
  3. 2.Business and Finance of TREIF
    1. 2.1Business Overview
      1. 2.1.1Cumulative Liability and Take-up
      2. 2.1.2Risk Spreading Mechanism
    2. 2.2Finance Situation
      1. 2.2.1Revenue
      2. 2.2.2Reserves Accumulation
      3. 2.2.3Capital Utilization
    3. 2.3Annual Report
  4. 3.Claims Operation
    1. 3.1Claims Procedure
    2. 3.2System Simulation
    3. 3.3Establishment of Total loss and Claims Processing Procedures illustrate
    4. 3.4Procedures for Residential Earthquake Insurance Claims Handling illustrate
  5. 4.Law
  6. 5.News
  7. 6.Service
  8. 7.Taiwan Earthquake