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Business Department

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*1. Managing risk assumption and risk spreading for residential earthquake insurance risk (including data transmission, underwriting, claims and examination).
*2.Organizing meetings of the Residential Earthquake Insurance Development and Planning Task Force and its subcommittees to examine the current residential earthquake insurance system, actual operations and future development, including:

(1) Risk Spreading and Premium Rate Subcommittee: Examination and improvement of Risk Spreading Mechanisms, insurance policy terms and coverage, premium rates and reserve funds

(2) Underwriting, Claims and Legal Subcommittee: Study of topics related to underwriting and claims operations, and review and amendment of measure, guidelines and policy clauses related to residential earthquake insurance.

(3) IT, Statistics and Educational Promotion Subcommittee: Review and establishment of information systems for residential earthquake insurance and planning of training and education for adjusters and business promotion.

*3. Educational promotion operations.
*4. Claims operations.
*5. Audit operations.
*6. Related laws and regulations review and amendment.
*7. Maintaining good relationship with the insurance industry.
*8. IT operations and maintenance of residential earthquake insurance database.