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Personal Information Collection and Use Statements and Agreement

The Personal Data Protection Act informs the content of the obligation

Thank you for using the Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) online service mailbox. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant privacy regulations, the Fund has formulated this Personal Information Notification and Consent . Please read the following contents carefully before using the Fund’s online service mailbox:

How information is collected and used

1.In order to complete the service mailbox login procedure on this website, you will be asked to provide relevant personal information, including: name, telephone number, email and other non-essential items (gender, company name, job title and contact number, etc.).
2.The use of the information collected by this online service mailbox is limited to the business scope of the Fund, including the collection, processing and use of personal information (063) and property insurance (093) carried out by non-public service agencies in accordance with the law, the use of the region and your location abroad, the period of use is the service demand period, the method of use complies with the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, and the collection, processing and use of automated or other non-automated machines or vehicles is used.
3.The Fund's e-mail service is limited to the collection, processing and use of your personal data to the extent necessary for "contact with the parties" and "handling customer service cases". If you do not agree to provide the above personal information, the Fund will not be able to respond to or process your question.
In addition, this website will also retain relevant records generated by the server when you browse or query the Internet, including but not limited to the IP address of the device you use, the usage time, browser information and click records.
4.Please note that other websites linked by this website are not managed by the Fund. Personal information that you voluntarily provide on other websites will be collected, processed, and processed in accordance with relevant laws and the privacy protection policies disclosed by the linked websites. The Fund does not assume any joint liabilities.
5.Please do not leave personal information in the subject or content. The Fund reserves the right to delete improper descriptions and is not responsible for safekeeping your personal information.

Data protection

The collection, processing, utilization and protection of personal data by this website are in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Law" of the Republic of China and related laws and regulations. Servers are equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems, SSL encryption and other related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures to protect the website and your personal data. Only authorized personnel can access your personal data. Relevant processing personnel are required to sign a confidentiality contract. Anyone who violates confidentiality obligations will be subject to relevant legal sanctions.

Use of Cookies

In order to provide you with the best service, this website will place and access our cookies on your computer. If you do not want to accept the writing of cookies, you can set the privacy level in the browser function you are using to the highest level. Then you can refuse the writing of cookies, but it may cause some functions of the website not performing properly.

Application of data

This website will never disclose your personal information to third parties unless it is necessary.

Exercise of rights of parties

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, you may request for the collection, processing, utilization and storage of your personal data on this website:
(1)Checking, requests for viewing or copies.
(2)Supplements or corrections of the data.
(3)Stop collecting, processing or utilizing.
(5) Withdrawal of consent to collection, processing or utilizing.
The Fund will decide whether to accept your application in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant laws and regulations. If the personal data you provide is incorrect or incomplete, making it impossible to confirm your identity, we will not be able to cooperate with your privacy claim.
The information collected on this website will be retained in accordance with the specific purpose of collection, the rights and obligations of the contracts involved, relevant legal obligations and timeliness regulations, dispute resolution and other factors. Internal regulations require that your personal information be destroyed or deleted, or that your personal information is de-identified and retained in a manner that cannot be traced back to you.

Amendments to this statement

This website will be revised and publish this statement from time to time in response to changes in the social environment, business inquiries, technological developments, and legal revisions etc. Please refer to this statement online occasionally to protect your rights and interests.

Contact information

To protect the personal data of website users and maintain online privacy, the Fund has formulated a privacy protection statement for this website. If you have any questions about this statement or matters regarding personal data, or whenever you want to exercise the above-mentioned rights of the parties, can use the following number 0800-580-921 to contact us, we will provide further instructions.